Far-Infrared Sauna

Nantucket Holistic Health is proud to feature a Sunlighten™ sauna!

By using the Far-infrared Sauna you will gain a range of health benefits. The ceramic sauna heaters emit a safe form of radiant heat energy known as far-infrared. The far-infrared light easily penetrates your skin without heating the air around you, unlike the traditional steam saunas which increase the temperature of the air making breathing difficult. When your skin’s temperature is increased, toxins are mobilized and released through your sweat.

  1. Better Circulation – The energy of the sauna is absorbed by the cells. The cellular activity increases, resulting in better blood circulation and improved metabolism.
  2. Detoxification – The increase in metabolic rate causes extra toxic waste products to be purged through the skin.
  3. Pain Relief – The increase in circulation improves blood flow to the muscles and joints. Lactic acid build up in the muscles is also expelled.
  4. Skin Purification – Increased amount of nutrients are circulated to the skin promoting a healthy tone and texture. An increase in circulation can relieve acne, eczema, and psoriasis.
  5. Immune System– The function of the immune system is to increase naturally during a fever while virus and bacterial growth is slowed. This helps ward off invading organisms.
  6. Weight Loss – Caloric loss occurs by speeding up the cellular metabolic process.
  7. Stress Reduction – The heat treatment before a massage also helps prepare a client by creating an overall relaxing effect. A sauna is great to have before a massage.

Please arrive 5 minutes early to read and fill out a policy and procedure form. Please bring your favorite magazine or your current book as well as a large water bottle to bring into the Sauna with you. You will relax and heal with the infrared heat for the next 30-45 minutes.

Sauna Packages may be shared among immediate family.


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